Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July Weekend

This weekend has been so tiring for me. I worked from 5AM - 10AM on 4th of July, spent the whole night hanging out, worked this morning 7 - 12 and again 4 - 9! It's killer but I know when I get that paycheck it's gonna be worth it! Plus we're switching to AT&T this month and I need money for my iPhone! Despite me telling myself I have to stop spending, I went to MAC!

Fix+ & Plush Lash in Plushblack
I really wanted to try out the Fix because my skin has been so dry lately, and it really works! I prefer to put it on before I put on my make up though because I noticed my forehead looks super shiny if I spray it on after. It was cheaper than I thought, I'm not sure why I thought it was gonna be $20+ but it's only $16. And since I am such a mascara addict I haaad to try the Plush Lash after reading Karen's blog on lashes! I swear her blog is always being updated I can ever keep up!

I bought a bunch of stuff a couple weeks ago off of eBay so I always check my mail and I got this in today!

I am ridiculously near sighted so I have to wear contacts/glasses everyday or I can't see a thing so of course I just HAD to have this. lol It was only $6.55! I'm telling you I'm a shopaholic like no other. My husband is gonna bug out when he comes back haha!

Well I really need to catch up on my sleep because this morning everyone said I looked so dead! My coworkers gave me coffee and one of them even bought me an energy drink after he went out to lunch, I didn't even ask them for anything!

P.S. Hard Candy is having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale! I've never used their stuff before, but I wanted to try out their eyeshadow palette. It doesn't look that big, but hey it's only $11.

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  1. hello. :) i know right, i was surprised that the MAC Paint Pot was a better deal too after doing the math. Haha. :) i honestly think that MAC is still a tad to pricey for my college budget... maybe when i'm a career girl their prices won't bother me much. but i don't mind paying for their paint pots because that's one of the products i don't mind splurging on. :) i NEED a good eyeshadow base since I have RIDICULOUSLY oily lids... it's kinda pathetic. LOL. :) this is the same reason i would rather splurge on UDPP than L'Oreal's Decrease because after reading numerous reviews it seems that gals with super oilie lids (like myself) found that UDPP lasted hours longer than L'Oreal Decrease! But I think if the person has normal to SLIGHLTY oily lids, L'Oreal Decrease may work just as good.

    damn me and my ridiculously oily lids. LOL.



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