Thursday, July 10, 2008

Getting Sick... =[

Ugh, everytime I feel myself getting sick I am in denial. My throat was hurting in the morning a couple days ago but I just took cough drops and ignored it. Now I really feel myself getting a stuffy nose and when I was driving to school today, I felt really sleepy. I really hate getting sick but I'm so prone to it! I'll take anything to prevent it!

I had work this morning then I went to school to finish my final paper which is due today. I finished it in 3 hours, thank god it was only 3 - 4 pages. I really liked this class though. It's a Gen Ed on Islam. You know, Muslims get a lot of flack because of 9/11 but it's really unfair because when you look at their religion, they really are like other Abrahamic religions (e.g. Judaism & Christianity) it's just the few bad apples (Osama, etc) who give them a bad name. They have some interesting points and it just confirms even further that people should educate themselves before they open their mouths. Did you know that Muslims even believe that Moses and Jesus are prophets? The only difference is they don't believe that Jesus is the son of God, but then again Jews don't think that either. All the Gen Ed classes I've taken have been pretty interesting to me actually.

Anyway, went to the Airman's attic after I finished my paper. There wasn't really anythin there but there were these cute pink baskets I got. Idk what I'm gonna put in them, but I'll figure something out. The little pink caddy I got from Ross a couple days ago I turned into my brush holder. I got inspiration from Enkore to make it Sephora-esque. I bought the little beads from Michael's it's so cute! I love it. I need to get more beads though.

I can't wait for tomorrow! I'm gonna finish my Final Test/Quiz online after this then I'm taking Nyquil and knocking the fuckk out! I need to exchange something at Victoria's Secret and check out Sonic View & Electroflash at MAC! =]

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