Friday, July 11, 2008

MAC: Electro Flash, Sonic Chic, & New View!

I couldn't resist! They were all so pretty! I swear if I didn't stop myself, I would have bought 5 blushes AND all the Lip Glasses. Hell I would have bought all the lipsticks, too. I went to the MAC stand at Dillard's in the Park Place Mall. That girl who always helps me was there. She was so nice. I originally planned to only buy a couple of blushes and maybe a lip glass. But man! They were so pretty. Here's my haul!

MSF in Medium Dark, Blushes in Merrily & Love Joy, E/S duos in Sea & Sky and Hot Contrast, & Lip Glasses in Li' Hot Pepper & Major Minor

droool! I really wanted to get the blush in Nuance too, but if they have it a couple weeks from now when I get paid again, I'll get it. If not, i don't think I'll die. lol Here's more pictures of them open, w/ no flash, etc.

And finally swatches! You can barely see the MSF cause it blends so well with my skin!

I can't wait to play with them! =]


  1. what a haul! have fun playing with your new toys ^_^ will you do a look with these goodies soon?

  2. hey :) thanks for commenting! Nice MAC haul!

    Lancome Tonique is just their toner that I like to use.

  3. Aloha :) Wow you got yourself a MAC collection!!! I love your hauls and I am so interested with the Sonic Chic blushes! can't wait for them to arrive in Manila!

  4. Hi Roxy!
    Thanks for coming to my blog. Wow, what a nice haul you got here. I hope you're having fun playing with them.

  5. How fun! I can't wait to see your looks. :)

  6. Great haul! Can't wait to see you do some looks with those goodies =]

  7. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Seems like we are both nuts about MAC.
    That's a great haul! When it comes over here (the collections I mean), I am just gonna get ONE blush and ONE msf powder. Not so much into lip stuff and mineralised eye colors, though all the reviews I have seen says they are all super pigmented. Oh well, we will see... :p



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