Monday, November 24, 2008

Sephora F&F Haul

So, I am SUPER LATE posting this haul because everyone posted it like weeks ago already lol, but better late than never right? haha I really regert not getting the Dior "Chic" Holiday palette for the sale because I am lemming it like craaazy! Oh, btw I forgot to say that they FINALLY opened a Sephora in Tucson! I went the weeknd it opened and it's a lot smaller than other Sephora's I've been to but at least we have one! But on with the haul

i love the red christmas satchel! + my samples

all dressed up

NARS Dolce Vita set

MUFE HD Powder, NARS Orgasm Blush, [Dolce Vita] Albatross & Love Joy, NARS St Barts Multiple, NARS Dolce Vita L/G, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

swatches L to R: St Barts, Orgasm, Albatross, Love Joy, Dolce Vita

NARS Dolce Vita L/G

I'm missing NARS Copacabana Multiple and Sephora Daily Brush Cleaner from the pictures! I'm really happy with my haul I loooove NARS but $25/blush will make this girl broke so I had to take advantage of it! I wish I got more glosses but ugh maybe next time. Thanks to Pink I HAAAD to get those NARS multiples! The NARS Multiple Duo wasn't out for F&F so I just got the sticks - might as well! But now I kind of regret it because I thought the duo was gonna be small, but look at my blush duo! It's huge! lol I wasn't expecting there to be much product but I'm actually very satisfied. On the other hand, I thought that NARS blushes were bigger?! I guess I never noticed them in Sephora before [I haven't been in a long time, it just opened here a week ago!] But check out this comparison between my bronzer & the blush!

NARS Orgasm vs NARS Casino bronzer

but still I looooove NARS. If I wasn't a MACaholic, I would totally be a NARSissist. haha! BTW I'm lovin the consistency of the NARS gloss so far, not super sticky like MACs (although I don't mind the stickiness) and its so pigmented! I feel like I need to have MAC gloss over a lippie, but this gloss gives so much color!


  1. Narissist HAHAHAH!

    I loooove Nars. Albatross and Lovejoy look great! I need to get me some nars glosses!

    Thanks! Givenchy's blush is really pretty! Nars has better quality though. Hahha yeah, the Givenchy gloss was kind of boring. Nothing special about it at all. Hrrm I just smelled my Nars lipgloss samples and the smell really does smell like nothing! Hahah, I don't mind it =P

    Some Dior glosses are super duper sparkly. And lots are either too pink with white sparkles or too orange. I LOVE Dior Addict Ultra-gloss reflect in 127. My #2 all-time favorite! Super pretty neutral pink/beige color with minimal sparkles. Texture is really smooth!

  2. NARS Orgasm is my HG blush!! I use that sucker everyday!! BUt yeah it's pricey!! I've been on the lookout for a cheaper dupe, but have yet to find one!

    That Dolche Vita gloss is gorgeous!! A perfect everyday color. ANd the shu curler.. that's the only manual curler I use! LOL!!

    Yay for Sephora in Tuscon!!

  3. haha u got the deep throat blush.. i want it! looks like for a natural blush kinda thing rite?

  4. That NARS lippy looooks great on you! I love NARS but can only afford it sometimes on truly special occasions!

    Sephora won't ship to me, so all this F&F with them made me super sad cuz I REALLY wanted to get some sets. :(

    excellent haul ma, thanks for sharin as usual! :)

    btw, i see bra and boobies! CHYAAAOOOOOOW!

  5. OooooOOh! You got a lot of NARS! I'm jealous!! I want NARS sticks sooo bad, let me know if you love it! =)

  6. Narissist! haha i think slowly but surly its comin!

  7. Mmmm NARS! I got my first NARS item not too long ago, now I'm beating myself up for not getting lots of NARS during the Sephora F&F sale! Great haul!

  8. Wow, Nars dolce vita is so pretty. I got my first NARS blush not too long ago and i cant stop buying another one jsut a few days ago. I think ill get St barts next time. Its very expensive here.



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