Thursday, December 11, 2008

L's Holiday Contest

OK so I totally should be studying because I have my physics final on Monday, buuuut I couldn't help myself. L's having a holiday contest and you know I had to enter! So here we gooo...

I used a shit load for my faace. I chose these colors because when I first thought of 'holiday' I thought of my Cranberry E/S that I neeever use! lol

MSF Natural Duo in Medium Dark, Spiced Chocolate Quad, Nylon E/S, Vanilla, Brule, Mythology, & Cranberry E/S, Hyperreal Foundation in NC400, Stila Smudge Pots in Black, Brow Powder, NARS Blush in Orgasm, Crazee L/S, Love Alert Dazzleglass, Studio Finish Concealer in NC42, NYC eyeliner in black, P/P in Rubenesque, Blush in Strada, eyelash glue & eyelashes

I look like a fat shit in this dress LOL but I'm debating on wearing it to the hubby's christmas party. idk yet.

I tried to curl my hair but it's suuuper messy lol

kisses for L LOL!

E/S Breakdown
+ Rubenesque PP all over lid
+ Brash from SC Quad on crease
+ Cranberry on outer V & outer half of crease
+ Spiced Chocolate on outer v
+ Vanilla on lid
+ Mythology over vanilla
+ Brule & Nanogold to highlight
+ Stila Smudgepots on lash line & water line
+ NYC eyeliner to tightline
+ Brow powder
+ halloween falsies from Wal-Mart!

L you biatch I better get something I took FOREVER to do this! hahaha I'm just kidding but seriously! I couldn't find my camera charger, then I couldn't take pictures then I couldn't find my stupid plug to upload pictures OMG! Contest entering is so time consumin! haha I love it though Now I need to find a 'runway look' for her second contest!

PS for the record I don't think I'm fat but my midsection needs work! LOL


  1. I really like the color of your lips!! Very pretty :)

    Good luck on the contest!

  2. how cuuuuuuuuuute are you in a red dress with red lips!! you're mega holiday cherry, and i love 'L' -- big points from me just for throwing that up and working the judge. ha ha ha!!!

  3. Fat?!!! OMG, you don't look fat at all! That's a really cute dress! I love the color! You did a great job! Look at your cheek bones!!

  4. You soo do not look Fat in that dress... crazy! It looks great, especially with those glam lashes, and sexy red lips!!

    THis was a great job Roxy!!!

  5. omg! you dont look fat you look super cute! and i love your lashes!



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